I'm originally from Moscow (Russia). I live in San Francisco bay area since 2012 and have my company Safarika Travel Inc registered here as official seller of travel in California. Before moving to United States I lived 4 years in Ecuador and Colombia, where I dedicated myself to traveling and assisting groups of tourists as a travel guide. Later, I opened my local tour operator agency in Quito (Ecuador).
But my passion for tourism started long time before that, in my hometown, when in 2006 I decided to quit my comfortable and well-paid office job in search for adventure. I joined a Traveler Club, where we created exclusive expeditions around the Globe with well-known leaders of Russian Geographic society. Having 10 years of expertise in adventure tourism, I could build an exceptional and reliable team of guides and partners in every destination I work. All connections are proven by years of successful cooperation. But no matter how many years I’ve been in the industry, I’m a constant student of the best practices and always ready to adapt new ways of creating the best travel adventures for you!
Let's connect and go travel together!

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